Wisdomise Partners with Loop Ventures to Strengthen Web3 Communities

3 min readAug 30, 2022

On its mission to bridge the inefficiencies in web3, Wisdomise has struck a strategic partnership with Loop Ventures to make the web3 community stronger and smarter.

  • Wisdomise and Loop Ventures have struck a partnership to help strengthen the web3 community
  • Together they will introduce a sophisticated AI being to the web3 community
  • With this powerful AI being, users can leverage from proven market intelligence and begin their journey to conquer wealth creation
  • Both parties believe that the community should be put in the middle and empowered by sophisticated intelligence
  • As partners, they hope to connect communities and give them the power to fulfill their own financial goals confidently

Wisdomise is thrilled to announce a partnership with Loop Ventures! As collaborators, we will work closely to bring Artificial Intelligence solutions to the community and give them the ability to actively and confidently participate in web3. The partners both believe that it is important to put the community in the middle and Wisdomise’ AI being will do just that.

The web3 potential is infinite, there is so much that the web3 community can thrive in. This includes boosting wealth creation, reaching financial goals, fulfilling personal dreams, and so much more. What hindered them from reaching their full potential was a lack of knowledge and poor access to opportunities. The web3 arena can be a complex world, one that cannot be understood without pouring in immeasurable time and energy.

Wisdomise is developing AI-powered solutions that will help bridge this gap to empower the masses and make smarter decisions. Loop Ventures already understands the importance of a community and how crucial a strong community is for web3 to achieve its highest potential. It is even more crucial to give the community a vast space to explore and choose from all the opportunities that were promised by web3.

With this partnership, both Wisdomise and Loop Ventures see a chance to elevate the community by not only creating access to opportunities, but to also ensure that web3 communities can make the best of them. To start off, Wisdomise is introducing its first AI being — Horos. Horos will offer the community intelligence that was once only accessible to a privileged few. With this access to proven knowledge, anyone can reach financial freedom in simpler ways.

Horos is powered by a sophisticated AI-engine at its core. The Wisdomise team consists of highly qualified data scientists, renowned advisors from top-notch universities, experienced industry veterans, and AI experts hailing from various corners of the world. The team has deployed over 400 million AI-experiments and written over 3 million lines of code in 18 months to deliver high standards in terms of both performance and accuracy.

From the many features that come with Horos, users will gain the upper-hand by accessing accurate AI-generated market signals that can be used to make high returns on investment. In addition, Horos will allow its users to compare their risk strategy and performance based on benchmarks on the platform itself. Soon, users will also gain access to an optimized portfolio and auto trader so they can minimize risk, maximize returns, and do so even when asleep.

Overall, Wisdomise is aiming to bring a greater change for the masses and open a clear and easy path to wealth creation. More importantly, Wisomise is excited to bring this opportunity to the masses with the partnership of Loop Ventures. Together they will connect communities to sophisticated intelligence and create an accessible path to financial freedom for all.

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