Wisdomise Is Proud to Announce a Partnership with Belvoir Capital AG

3 min readSep 6, 2022


The partnership will bring AI-powered CeFi and DeFi solutions that have proven to be successful even in bear markets to the vast clientele of Belvoir Capital.

  • Wisdomise has struck a partnership with Switzerland-based asset management company Belvoir Capital
  • Together they will bring AI-powered investments opportunities for Belvoir Capital’s retail and institutional clients
  • The first of these opportunities include Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) which will allow investors to invest in a balanced portfolio of assets without having to invest in the assets individually or directly
  • The AMCs will be available later this winter and it will be the first of many offerings that are in the pipeline
  • As partners, they hope to bring more investors into the crypto and web3 space with the help of AI-powered solutions that will ensure simplicity and accessibility for the masses

Wisdomise is excited to announce a partnership with Belvoir Capital AG to offer a new generation of digital financial products. These products will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Belvoir Capital is a Switzerland-based asset management company and a global leader that creates effective investment opportunities for its institutional and retail clients. The company holds over $1 billion in assets managed and continues to deliver cutting-edge impactful opportunities in investing to their clients. Their mission further pushed them to explore the dual frontier of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology.

Wisdomise is seeking to unlock fair opportunities for wealth creation for the masses so everyone can reach their financial goals with the assistance of a sophisticated AI being. These AI agents will help create an optimized portfolio, signal opportune market movements, and trade automatically on behalf of its users. It will also balance its users’ assets based on their desired level of risk strategy. With this suite of managed financial products from Wisdomise, Belvoir clients can take complete advantage of the booming crypto space with the expertise of a capable AI engine that will elevate individual user goals.

The first of the joint offerings from the partnership will be Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs). These can be purchased by Belvoir’s institutional and retail clients. These AMCs will give the clients access to a basket of optimized assets which brings the opportunity to make gains via a set of diligently-curated assets, without having to invest directly or individually in them.

The AMCs will be available later this winter. Investors who make their AMC investments can do so in fiat or crypto assets. Either way, they can expect good returns from their portfolios, which will be managed by the vigilant AI-core developed from the top-notch minds of AI experts, data scientists, industry experts, and top institutional advisors at Wisdomise. The ultimate goal of the Wisdomise team is to become the “DeepMind” of web3 and decentralized finance to help enterprise partners like Belvoir Capital.

Besides bringing AMCs to Belvoir clients, the overall mission of this partnership is to help ease new players in the crypto market while also simplifying the lives of experienced investors as well. Belvoir Capital is a champion in crypto asset management across the continent of Europe. To reach the masses and share the secret knowledge of wealth creation, Wisdomise is hoping to reach a wider audience with this collaboration. With a sophisticated technology stack, together, the partners are aiming to bring a simple and profitable financial product to the market.

Wisdomise strongly believes in opening web3 to the greater masses. Web3 came with many promises, those that cannot be fulfilled unless its inefficiencies are effectively dealt with. Wisdomise is working towards solving these inefficiencies with the help of AI and is thrilled to go on this journey with the world-class industry player Belvoir Capital. Together the partners are looking forward to enhancing web3 and decentralized economy to help create value for all. The upcoming AMCs are just the beginning, much more diverse products are already in the pipeline.

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Wisdomise is excited to announce a partnership with Belvoir Capital AG to offer a new generation of digital financial products. These products will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).




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