Wisdomise is Partnering with SingularityDAO in an Incubation Program

3 min readMar 6, 2024


We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with SingularityDAO (SDAO), a pioneering force in AI-driven crypto asset management and innovation in blockchain technologies. Our commitment to this collaboration marks a significant milestone for Wisdomise as we revolutionize crypto wealth management. We also make cutting-edge solutions available to the public.

Wisdomise strives to democratize wealth creation and distribution by seamlessly integrating centralized and decentralized finance products into its CeDeFi Wealth Management Platform. With over 30 technology enthusiasts, including data scientists, quant traders, AI engineers, and blockchain developers, we have pioneered the use of advanced technologies to meet the needs of real-world financial operations.

“At Wisdomise, we strongly believe in the power of advanced technologies in solving real-world problems. As a result, we keep innovating with focus on three pillars: 1- leveraging deep technologies where they generate real value for users, 2- addressing the mass market problems rather than challenges specific to niche communities, and 3- keeping things simple (but smart) to use despite their potentially complicated underlyings. Partnership with SDAO, one of the true pioneers of AI-driven asset management within the web3 space, can only multiply the synergistic potential of the two parties to innovate new deep products for the broader web3 community and to build on top of each other’s foundational competencies. I promise that the crypto community will love the new joint product that we already started to co-build with SDAO — it’s just that I can’t yet publicly announce it!

Fardad Zand, CEO of Wisdomise

Our partnership with SingularityDAO will enable us to accelerate our mission and reach a broader audience worldwide. The expertise of SingularityDAO in AI-enhanced asset management and its extensive network will allow us to thrive in the digital finance ecosystem with the necessary resources and strategic guidance.

In collaboration, we are pioneering the integration of cutting-edge AI with blockchain technology to deliver innovative solutions that will redefine crypto wealth management. In conjunction with one another, we will provide sophisticated financial insights and instruments to a broader audience of active and passive investors in digital assets.

At the moment, we are just beginning an exciting journey together and are already building groundbreaking products that will revolutionize the way cryptocurrency investors manage their portfolios. It is still too early to disclose the details, but we assure the community that our joint innovation will interest the crypto community.

As a final point, we believe that this pleasant collaboration will increase our synergies and multiply our ability to provide value for our users. We aim to make wealth management accessible to a much broader audience by leveraging our foundational competencies and addressing the challenges the mass market faces.

Keep an eye out for more exciting updates as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in AI-managed crypto portfolios and decentralized finance.

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