Horos Makes 6.69% Profit Using AI-Generated Market Signals for Spot Trading in 30 Days

4 min readSep 24, 2022


Wisdomise proves Horos to be a successful trading use case whilst boosting transparency and opening a channel of trust with its users. It is sharing a 30-day PnL report of Horos’ performance. The AI asset manager made a profit of 6.69% during this time

  • Horos made a spot trading profit of 6.69% in the 30 days before its beta launch
  • Wisdomise is sharing Horos’ Binance order history to be completely transparent about Horos’ performance
  • The team is now setting sights on further improving Horos for future iterations

After a successful Horos Beta Launch, Wisdomise would like to share a Spot trading profit report of the Horos’ PnL performance over the last 30 days. To highlight, Horos made a 6.69% profit while trading with a $10,000 wallet. This amounts to a total profit of $669.99.

Figure 1: Horos 30-Day PnL Report

In detail, Horos conducted multiple hourly trades with the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Tron (TRX). Wisdomise wishes to keep complete transparency when it comes to the performance of Horos, be it with profit or loss. So, here is a detailed table containing the Binance order history of all 4 coins within the selected 30 days.

Horos is an AI asset manager that is developed to find opportune market moments. Each time it does, it sends the market signals in Buy, Sell, or Hold actions. Upon executing these opportune signals, Horos can make profitable trades that will either help its users’ portfolio grow or protect its users’ assets from predicted future market dips.

Figure 2: Horos sends Buy BTC signal at opportune time

Over the last 30 days, Horos predicted many significant market moments that could save any trader or investor a huge chunk of their assets. Read how Horos predicted the BTC dump in both August and September and how it sent signals that could help its users grow and safeguard their portfolios.

After reaching the milestone of the Horos Beta Launch, the Wisdomise team is working on the next iteration of Horos so users will benefit from new updates. For instance, future updates will have Horos performing with improved accuracy.

The team will also be working to improve the Dynamic Stop-Loss (DSL) mechanism. In addition, Horos will also introduce four other crypto assets for its users to trade with. These include Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), and Ripple’s XRP. Until then, Horos will continuously and actively be monitoring the market for any behavior shift.

It is important to understand that Horos is still at the start of its journey, the AI asset manager is training to act as the most powerful and knowledgeable veteran asset manager. Horos will keep learning, growing, and improving its capability until it can make even more precise decisions and insights. The team is presently testing advanced insights in private environments.

Horos is here to help users steadily gain wealth. It will give investors and traders the chance to make stable returns in every market condition using a variety of strategies that include Long, Short, and High Frequency signals, amongst others. Horos is set to outperform those handful of traders who came out stronger and smarter from a brutal battle in the financial market, over the last few decades.

It is important for every trader to understand that the market is a volatile place, with market signs switching from green to red, it is imperative to have a vigilant and intelligent eye to keep watch at all times. Horos can deliver this diligence. It will mitigate the risk of any investment and will allow the masses to gain long-term profits within the dynamic crypto market.

Horos is here to go the distance, it will be your constant partner throughout your wealth creation journey and will ensure that you reach your financial goals and ultimately, financial freedom. Begin your journey now on app.horos.fi.

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