Horos AI-Generated Market Signals Profits During the Latest Crypto Market Dip

3 min readAug 20, 2022


Horos has proven that Artificial Intelligence can help investors save a fortune with its accurate AI-generated market signal predictions.

  • Horos meets high standards for accuracy in AI-generated market signal predictions that can save traders and investors a fortune
  • The Horos AI Market Signaler (AMS) accurately predicted the Bitcoin (BTC) dip by signaling a ‘sell BTC’ signal 3 hours before the asset took a major -10% price dip
  • Horos will be available to the public very soon and will assist the masses by sharing the secret knowledge to wealth creation

At 5 AM on August 19, 2022, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell by over 10%. In detail, the price fell from above $23,000 to almost $21,000, according to CoinGecko analytics. This was an unexpected drop for most as many expected the market to have been heading into a bullish trend. Hence, many saw big losses over the past 24 hours. However, the predictive Artificial Intelligence that powers Horos was able to predict this BTC price drop.

Figure 1: The price of Bitcoin (BTC) drops

Figure 2: The price of Bitcoin (BTC) drops

Specifically, the Horos AI Market Signaler declared the ‘sell’ signal for Bitcoin (BTC) when its price was at $22,761. This is a significant price to sell as it would save investors a fortune as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) began to drop from $22,800. What’s more, Horos predicted this market crash at 2AM on August 19, 2022 3 hours before the dip occured!

Figure 3: Horos ‘sell’ signal when the AI predicted the BTC price drop

Wisdomise has been working to build a powerful AI-powered solution to give the masses a chance to generate wealth and meet their financial in goals. We believe that the secrets to wealth creation should be shared knowledge, and the best way to deliver that was through an intelligent, secure, trustworthy, and objective Artificial Intelligence agent. Horos is built to ease the masses into the web3 realm with simplicity and intelligence at its core.

After deploying over 400 million AI experiments and writing over 3 million lines of code over the last 18 months, Wisdomise is ready to launch an AI-powered solution that will deliver an incredibly high standard. Horos promises excellence in performance and predicting market accuracy, so everyone can make a profit, benefit from shared knowledge, and create value all by themselves.

In celebration of the arrival of Horos and in the spirit of sharing the wealth of knowledge, Wisdomise is giving the first 3,000 Horos users limited time free access to the platform until the end of 2022. The same early 3,000 will also gain limited free access to the Horos auto trader feature in October. In addition, they will also enter a raffle to win exciting prizes and exclusive merch!

The Horos beta launch is almost here, this is when Horos will make its official debut to the public. Get ready to meet Horos very soon. You can register on horos.fi now and we will contact you via email on launch day! Stay tuned and embrace your moment to conquer trading and invest like a pro with our very capable AI agent.




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