Horos AI Draws 3.8% Profit in Under 6 Hours With LTC Buy Command

3 min readAug 23, 2022


Today’s Horos AI-generated market signal has led to another spike in profits. In under 6 hours, Horos is almost at a 4% profit.

  • Horos continues to meet high standards for accuracy in AI-generated market signal predictions
  • Today, it has made a 3.8% profit in under 6 hours with an accurate buy LTC signal

At 7:00 AM (GMT) on August 23, the price of Litecoin (LTC) started moving in an upward, bullish trend. The Horos AI Market Signaler (Horos AMS) signaled a buy LTC signal at the same moment. In detail, Horos AMS said to buy LTC at $54.74 with a dynamic stop loss set at $54.01.

Figure 1: Horos drops ‘buy’ signal before LTC price surged

After almost 6 hours since the buy LTC signal went out, Horos is now making a profit of 3.8%.

Figure 2: The price of Litecoin (LTC) continues to surge

Wisdomise has been working most diligently with our top-notch team of data scientists and AI experts to deliver a solution that meets high standards in terms of performance and accuracy. With Horos, we are aiming to become the benchmark for crypto market intelligence. After deploying over 400 million AI experiments and writing over 3 million lines of code over the last 18 months, we are beyond excited to share our thrilling results and hope to have you join us on our journey to bridge the gap between the global masses.

We believe that the secrets to wealth creation should be shared knowledge and are working to do just that with our Artificial Intelligence agents. You can gain access to similar trading secrets and begin your journey of wealth creation, you can sign up to horos.fi. Horos is getting closer to its beta launch and is on a mission to fulfill a promise of simplified access into the growing world of web3 and the crypto market.

Horos will bring the knowledge and expertise to you. As a commitment to our vision of bringing knowledge to the masses, we are giving our first few uses exclusive free access for a limited time along with many other additional perks. Follow us on our social media channels and keep an eye out for launch announcements and more.

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